Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dimitri Lagoutaris 50 Cent Bus Interview

Dimitri Lagoutaris interview

Interview by Ligga’s Lemonaids

Photo’s by Clinton Tudor

Don’t worry bro I’m only going to ask you cool questions.
But I might get quite up close and personal.

What are your favourite tunes right now?
My favourite tunes that I’m feeling at the moment are Lil Weezy, Rick Ross, Birdman, T.I and all that stuff man, it really motivates me to get out and skate.

Gangster sheeettt! So what size board do you ride?
At the moment I’m on an 8 inch board. but I normally like to ride a 8.25” . It’s gnarly and really good.

How do you feel that helps?
It makes everything feel solid under my feet. It feels more solid when I go fast, like choosing a weapon in war, you want something big, call it a weapon of mass destruction…. Hahaah!

To me the coolest thing about your skating is the fact that you go fast and do tricks high and long. Why don’t you go slower and more technical?
I love skating fast it helps me to commit to my tricks, The faster I go, the more likely I’m going to land it. Also all the memories I have from growing up skating in Mt Eden, when we used to bomb down Queen St. and skate Aotea square, then roll back and eat some delicious steak, Hahaha…. Skate training. That was so awesome, it taught me how to skate like a man rather than a little kid.

Yeah it was funny teaching you the traffic light phasing. Up the guts Luigi!
When things piss you off , do you channel that aggression into your skating, skate Faster?
Nah, not at all. I’m not the type of person that really gets angry, I just take a big breath and then get on with it.

So where are you at now?
At the moment I’m in Melbs. This is where I live now, It feels so good to have a change in my life and meet different people.

So who is your favourite crew to skate with in Melbourne?
I’ve been skating with Lewis Marnell lately, he just lives up the road from me, he’s the coolest dude, no hang-ups and he’s earned everything he’s got. I’ve also been catching up with Darell Stanton, he’s in town at the moment.
Apart from that I just been focusing on skating and filming for a new Melbourne video. It’s kinda under wraps for now though.

Melbourne is quite flat. Do you miss the hills in AK?
Haha… well there’s always Bourke St. on the nice tiled floor. Not as steep as those hills back in AK though haha,….my arms are graze free for once though.

Do you find it funny how when you are overseas kiwi’s have so much pride and always go on about how great New Zealand is, but if you ask them if they will live back here they say no way?
That’s so true, I’ve met so many but I often trick them and put on a spannish accent, get them thinking I’m lattino, ask them like stuff about shagging sheep. After a while they cotton on that im actually from NZ. so I gotta gap the scene before i get rolled on!

Hey I like that photo of you in Manual when you’re wearing the green tee shirt with the green punga’s painted in the mural. Do you think colours can affect your mood? Make you skate better? Tony Hawk used to really vibe off pink helmets you know?
Funny that you say that, Green is actually one of my favourite colours, that’s where I think I get the nick name ‘Luigi’ hahaha. But seriously, colours do have a big affect on my mood, for me it will have to be green or blue on a nice sunny day. I feel more on point in those colours.

Do you mind if I ask you about your spirituality? Do you belong to any cults? Destiny’s Church maybe?
Hahaha…Yea i do, I belong to one cult, it’s is the 'chapel street pub and night club scene.' I’m in frequent attendance.

Yes I was a member of that cult for a while too.
What’s your favourite restaurant or food in Melbourne? Do you go to Pellegrini’s on bourke street?
Haven’t been there yet, but i dig european food, I’m use to it from my dad who’s greek, its on tap here!!

Souvlaki capital! You gotta go to Pell’s though main!
Hey bro, let me riddle you this. Hypothetically speaking. If my dog takes a shit in the garden outside KFC, do you think that it affects the image of KFC? Do you think that it’s enough to put your average punter off their 11 herbs and spices?
Hahahhaha if the recipe is good a shit is not going to put anyone off...hahaha mate the dog is desperate hes got the shets... HAHAHAHAHHA

Yeah I guess you’re right; he’s just a dog and doesn’t know any better.

Thanks Dimi, I wish you the best of luck in the future, say what up to Lewis for me, keep ripping on the faster higher stronger tip. Peace! ~LL

Check what Dimi's big greek balls did to the end of the Queen Street Hand Rail when he sacked himself. Right before he got up and made it.