Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Face grazes, Haters and I read it in Rolling Stone Magazine

Now in previous stories if you’re following me, I’ve said that face grazes are usually for chicken hearts who jump ship from their board at high speeds. Time to eat those words and my hat, my toupee the whole wig and glue tube. Tasty shit no doubt and I’m hungry. As the nek minnit guy I have generated a certain amount of haters and I think I may have encountered one in the way that I feared most, behind the wheel of a car rolling up on me on a big hill. So here’s me pushing full tit into London street (A mean double dip hill in Dunedin) me on the Hosoi just loving it, tail wind throwing a few slides to test the feel and take control to really attack the hill, take the bull by the horns, speaking of horns, some crazy fat fuck who looks like he sits on youtube all day dissing and hating people he’s never met, probably dissing their looks and stuff!? Rolls up behind me tooting and swerving like he’s out to kill. With no respect for a true road warrior out there. With nothing between the road and myself but some urethane wheels, attempting a high speed haka you can’t watch at the world cup of thugby. Check the mana bitches!

Anyway so this cat rolled up in a skyline, obviously keen to get pulled over and searched, total drug dealers car, every cop knows that. Comes right up my ass and beeps that horn I’ve been trying to get around to mentioning, and tries to ram me off the road. Now I got balls but I aint messing with some psycho with low self esteem and a crack habit in a turbo. Time to swerve and take myself out of the equation. Turned frontside and dropped into a slide, exit stage left like snagglepuss on some slick ricky tip. Slid no hitches till I hit a grate and got thrown ass over titties, going so fast my arms got pinned under my torso and went face first into the curb and slappied my nose and teeth sweet, real pretty, came to rest in a pile of adrenaline and anger as the hit and run pussy drove off satisfied with killing my buzz. Only thing he didn’t realise that I been dealing with idiots like him all my life and he just made me even stronger. Better kill me next time fool<----said like Mr T.

Honour your local skateboarder for decorating your mundane life with some flare, style and guts. Moving artwork. And skaters, try skate with style and make it look easy, we love the eye candy. Face grazes are the new tattoo’s, a shallow piercing if you’re feeling emo. Hope it scars up good, add it to my collection. This face numbness reminds me of London racket life haha…..Nekticle Minstruation.

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