Monday, September 5, 2011

Origins Of Ligga's Lemonaids August 2008

A story of the humble conception of the next big drink to hit the shops!

August 2008

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention, well that must make me some kinda motherfucker at times. I don’t mean to be crass but let me elaborate.
I have been skating at victoria park skate park in AK city and it’s cool, minimal but cool. It’s a central place where all the skaters hang out and try to learn new tricks. Laugh and clown around, Sort of like Aotea square was in the 90’s.
Just that cool energy when you have people making the most of what is on offer. I have written this little piece of writing twice already and deleted it, too much complaining about how we are hard done by, how other skate parks are way better –oops! I’ve started again!
But anyway, there used to be a water tap at the skate park and a functioning toilet. I’m guessing that someone must have done something bad to the toilets and tap so now there is no tap and the toilets are locked permanently. It’s often the few that spoil it for the masses, but it didn’t spoil it for me! I just can’t let anything bring me down these days, I mothered up my latest invention! I figured I can make some money off this unfortunate circumstance.
So I have started my own line of fizzy drinks. Ligga’s Lemonaids!
They are available in 6 flavours for you to enjoy, Ebola Cola, Itslime, Lemonaids, Rascalberry, Pin-e-aporo and Fantapants.
The Lemonade stand is the cliché first shot at capitalism, goes to show that there’s more than one way to make money off skaters still.
I will post up on here about where they will be sold next, just working out my next run of them
Bottle it urrrrppppp!

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  1. love the old skool lemonade idea, car boot idea works, easy drive to the markets/footy etc. good luck. please post how you go.