Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hilloween Bowl Painting, Graffiti by Devos and Keios!

Ever since i moved to Dunedin i have wanted to paint the town bowl. I could see it's potential both visually, aesthetically and physically. Finally we made it happen! Spending much time filling every crack and rough surface to make it faster and smoother to skate. I guess we got sick of seeing all these cool as bowl's around the world with amazing paint jobs and there was no reason why ours couldn't have the same. The raw concrete of the bowl; tends to soak up moisture in the minter and parts of it never dry over the cold months. A thick layer of paint should keep this moisture on the surface and will be able to be wiped away with a towl making the bowl skatable no matter what the weather is doing.

The Thomas Burns skate park in Dunedin is situated next to a cool old railway bridge and lies directly in front of the spectacular Dunedin train station. So another part of the idea is the concept of beautifying the skate park with art and making it more of an attraction, less of an eye sore and uplifting the image of skate parks and skateboarding within our community in order to try and get funding for more new parks for the youth and making sure the current park remains where it is and grows bigger in the future. Enjoy the artwork, we hope to bring you more in the near future! Thanks To Hell Pizza, Sam Robertson, Devos, Keios and everyone who is enjoying the new surface and clean look of the Bowl. ~Ligga

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